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Explore the worlds most active volcano with one of our professional, award winning guides - get away from the big bus and van tours and get out into the field to visit areas that few visitors get to see while visiting Hawai'i island!
We offer only active, education based explorations that focus on topics such as geology, native flora and fauna, and the amazing Hawaiian culture that still thrives on the volcano today. No gift shops, no restaurants, no long drives around the island in a van, no gimmicks and no frills - all of our time is spent exploring the amazing active volcanoes of Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park.
Our tours are family friendly, easy to book and leave our guests with a deepened understanding of the science and the culture of Kīlauea. See the best of the volcano with several moderate walks throughout the day. We are not a transportation company, rather a collective of professional guides. Our National Park tours allow guests the convenience of using their own vehicle as opposed to riding in a large bus or van for the majority of the day. 

Due to the gentle slopes of our shield volcanoes here on the Big Island the hiking is moderate and mostly flat with no major elevation gain or loss. 

Our suggested meeting times are flexible and allow us to avoid the big crowds. Please scroll down to see the tour options we have available and contact us for current rates:


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Experience the highlights of Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park and the summit area of Kīlauea, walks include the steam vents and lava tube! Tour runs 2-3 hours.
Our more comprehensive option takes you to both the hidden and highlight areas of Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park! Tour runs approximately 5-6 hours.


View the flowing lava up close and personal! Tour can run from 6-hrs up to 12-hrs depending on the location of the flows.
*Please contact us for current and eruption update before you book your tour as the lava is not always accessible up close. Guests must be 10 years or older for this option for safety reasons*
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